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Student Games/Jams

I Scry | 2017 Game Project (Unreal)

In this asymmetrical co-operative game, you and a friend and transformed in a powerful duo and play as either the sorcerous Wizard or the powerful Familiar.

Enter a battle of elemental rage, sorcery-fueled projectiles and devious spellcasting to defeat any that dare oppose you.

On this team I was a solo artist. All of the art was done by me from the modelling to the apex cloth simulation.

Download it at:

See some of our development process at:

"OverGifted" | 2019 Yogscast Jingle Jam Game Jam Entry (Unity)

This is an edited video of our game on stream with the yogscast after we entered it into the 2019 Jingle Jam Game Jam competition. Made in a team of 2, myself and a programmer.

Check it out at:

You can also see the stream here:

Cat Cafe 5000 | 2017 NSI Game Jam (Unreal)

Theme: Rainbows

Fight each other while staying in within your colour, however being hit will change your colour forcing you to move.

Made in 48 hours in a team of 3. In this team I worked as an artist/designer and created all the 3D models which were later textured by the other artist. I also worked on balancing the mechanics.

Check it out at:

Operator | 2018 Global Game Jam (Unreal)

Theme: Transmission

As a switchboard operator you have the important role of connecting phone calls, be it to either military or political powers. Be mindful however, the lines are extremely busy during this time and not all calls are important or helpful. Calls have consequences, not only in war, but on the home front as well.

Made in 48 hours in a team of 2. I designed this game  from the ground up, and created all the art assets within 48 Hours.

Check it out at:

Rite of Steel Game | 2016 Game Project (Unreal)

You play as an alien in an arena fighting off robots, with no weapons, only an ability to push and pull objects around. As a reward for successful kills you gain points which allow you to place various traps around the arena, which you can then force the robots to interact with. Resulting in death or other outcomes.  


I was on this team as an Artist/Designer. My focus art wise was on the technical art creating the various materials and particle systems for the project. My focus design wise was balancing the trap system and the enemy spawn rates/types.

Download it at:

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