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As a long term sufferer of chronic short person syndrome, my tall expectations has meant that my friends would describe me as a bubbly Napoleon. I’m full of contradictions, I’m a game developer that loves technology and being on the cutting edge. Yet a country kid at heart, growing up with experience with various farm animals; cows, horses, donkeys. (I have even done farriering work on my own animals!). I worked as a barista for several years and can make a great cup of coffee (Despite not drinking or liking it myself) I also love the Sci-Fi genre but will always love to read a bit of Shakespeare.

I’m a gather of odd/weird facts and always up for a laugh/joke. Despite what the picture to the left would suggest, I’m usually in tartan.

Thanks for taking the time to look around my site!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via the contact page or through my email











Technical Artist Mighty Kingdom
​2019 - present


At Mighty Kingdom I work as a full time technical artist specializing in Particle Effects, Shaders and in engine implementation of artwork.  My work varies from making models/sprites for effects to writing the controller scripts for the effects within Engine.

Practical Demonstrator Macquarie University
​2015 - 2019


At Macquarie University, I teach practical classes on how to use the Unity game engine. Topics include 2D sprite animation, 3D physics and particle effects, as well as the use of external tools such as Probuilder and Gaia for level prototyping/creation.

I've also marked theoretical game analysis and practical demonstration assignments.


Adjunct Lecturer Macquarie University​
2015 - 2019

As an Adjunct Lecturer, I work closely with the Convenor of the games design major’s final project/capstone unit at Macquarie University. In this unit, students have 13 weeks to make a game from start to finish. I work on managing the teams and mark their milestone documentations and peer assessments. These assessments occur every two weeks of the unit.

It's a great experience teaching this subject and swapping hats between programmer, artist and designer to help students create games to the best of their ability.

Casual Staff/Teachers Aid Academy Of Interactive Entertainment. (AIE)
2017 - 2019

Within my final year at AIE I was employed to help with various holiday courses as a T.A. and at times run classes by myself.  This varied between teaching 12-year-old children how to use Maya in a two day crash course, to traveling to high schools across Sydney and getting them excited about games creation.


JAVA (Basic)

C++ (Basic)



Advanced Diploma in Arts and Animation majoring in Video Game Art and Animation
​2016 - 2017


 This is an extremely hands on approach to games creation. Over the years I've done various projects within 3D ranging from highly detailed sculpted characters to low poly hand painted environments. While at AIE I've made several games whether as projects or during game jams.

Macquarie University -
Bachelor in Information Technology Games Design and Development
​2011 - 2015


​At Macquarie University I learnt the theoretical elements of games design, understanding player stories, agency and the tricks that encompass games design. I also learnt how to use programs such as Unity and Maya. Primarily the course was focused on programming and thus I have a few languages under my belt. However, I'm much more interested in the design and art aspects of video games.


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